I succeeded…

..in making the red bean cookies!  Yep, I did!  I had figured out the ingredients as well as the progressive methods.  However, I think I need to add more sweetened red beans next time.

The successful red bean cookie is at the left.  At the right side, the one I failed last week.

I also decided to make another kind of cookie, Ginger Chewy Candy Cookies!

The ginger chewy candy melted both inside and outside of the baking cookies.  Isn’t it look like caramel?

It is good but the flavour is still not strong enough.  I will consider adding more grated ginger in order to get better tang next time.

I am so burned out from making and baking cookies, but it was fun to experiment. 🙂


crunchy and creamy

I decided to have a light food for my breakfast.  I went out to buy a greek yogurt, kashi cereal, and 2% organic milk. Here is my breakfast…

Liberte’ 0% Greek Yogurt Vanilla, Kashi’s Honey Almond Flax, Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed, and vitaceae grapes.

It was tangy and sweet flavours, especially the yogurt.  I will eat this again tomorrow but with strawberry! *Yummy*

I took a break from my work, I made a pumpkin milk shake.

I poured 1% skim milk, scooped vanilla ice cream, pumpkin puree’, grounded cinnamon, and sprinkled nutmeg and cloves!  During I proceed altogether with the ingredients, I was so excited to taste it.  I blended….

poured…and drank it a little.  I felt something is missing in its taste and looked over the kitchen.  I spotted Anna’s Ginger Thins cookies and I grabbed it.  I broke it and scattered onto the pumpkin milk shake.  I stirred it with a teaspoon and slurpeed it….PERFECT…nice textures!  It tasted almost the same as Starbucks’ Spice Pumpkin Latte.

Pumpkin Milk Shake

•  1 1/2 cups – 1% skim milk (you can use 2% milk instead)
•  3 –  scoops vanilla ice cream
•  2 – 2 regular spoons pumpkin puree
• 1 – 1/2 tsp grounded cinnamon
• sprinkled grounded nutmeg and cloves
• 4 – Anna’s Ginger Thin Cookies, breaking and scattering

1. Put the ice cream and pumpkin puree in the blender (I use Magic Bullet) and poured the milk into.

2.  Add the grounded cinnamon and sprinkled grounded nutmeg and cloves.

3. Blend it for 50 sec. and pour it into a mug or glass.

4. Scattered Anna’s Ginger Thin cookies onto the milk shake and stirred it.  Enjoy!


…I supposed to re-make red bean cookies since I failed the tasty yesterday.  However I had a job interview this morning in downtown.  The interview went well….*crossing fingers* and wish me luck!  After the interview, I decided to visit my brother’s studio nearby for having lunch together.  I didn’t expect that my father was already there at his place when I arrived but the more the merrier! 🙂  I told them that I am in the mood to eat japanese food.  We went to my favourite place, Manpuku.  I ordered niku udon (udon topped with beef and onions)…

*please excuse this lousy pictures quality because I used my blackberry to take these pictures.

My brother ordered the takoyaki.

If you want to eat a delicious meal under $10 for lunch or dinner, then journey to the Manpuku!  It is worth eating…*lips smacking*.

I noticed a new flavour chewy candy, Cotton Candy at Manpuku and I bought it.  I munched and I can taste the crispy pieces of cotton candy inside….soo special sweetness!

red bean cookies…

I decided to make red bean cookies since I successfully made my matcha (green tea) chocolate chips cookies.

I scooped the dough on the sheet, then I used the fork to flatten it.

The result of red bean cookies:

These cookies turned out simply as tasty as other cookies, though not kind of tasty red bean. Boo boo!  Oh…a few nights ago, I thought about filling the red bean in the matcha cookies.  Isn’t it a good idea?

the burning lips

Today, my parents and I were at Pacific Mall having our lunch.  We decided to eat fresh noodles from Sun’s Kitchen. Sun’s Kitchen is a well-known fast food, making noodles with wheat dough immediately at the front counter.

The chef stretched up and whacked…

twisted, pulled, twisted…

and stretched.

Spicy Minced Pork Noodle, it is so spicy and burned my lips.  It made my nose running..*blowing* with my tissue.  The noodle is so fresh, tender, and tasty.

My father’s food order, Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.

My mother’s, Dan Dan Noodle Soup

I recommend you to eat at the Sun’s Kitchen in Pacific Mall and I guarantee you it is worth for your appetite.

*smack lips*

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Oshawa Ribfest.

I was recommend to Gator BBQ from my friend because of its rich sauce…

My first set…the pork rib is soft, tender, and juicy, especially the sauce.  Guess what? I finished this first set in five minutes later…ha ha! :p

Alabama’s Camp 31

My second set and…

I pigged out!  The pork rack from Camp 31 is the best rib as of its thinness, juicy and crispy.  The meat is easily off from the bones…I love that.  The sauce is also good but I prefer Gator BBQ’s sauce (the first set).

My friend shared the swirled potato fries with me and other friends.  I really like this fluffy and thin fries.  The taste is light and crispy, unlike what I usually have the standard ones.

Our last dessert….ICING FUNNEL CAKE!  We were fulled from eating those wonderful meals!  I would love to attend the Ribfest next year again.

P.S. There is one thing I didn’t forget about yesterday as 9/11 remembered day.  My heart goes to all people who lost their loves.

my lunch

At the noon, I looked through the refrigerator to see what I have.  I grabbed the leftover pork, chinese vegetable (choi sum), two small garlic cloves, hoisin sauce, navel orange, and chili garlic sauce out from the fridge.  I also obtained the leftover rice from the rice cooker.  I minced the garlic cloves, sliced the pork, and cut 1/3 vegetable and 1/3 orange navel.

I sauteed the sliced pork and vegetable with the minced garlic and e.v.o.o.  Then I put the white rice in the pan and stirred those items together.  I added the hoisin sauce, spicy, and orange juice.  I pinched and scattered salt and fresh black pepper.  I continued to fold and stir.

This spicy fried rice is tasty and spicy..perfect for my lunch.

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