Yesterday, I made roasted tomato caprese sandwich for lunch.

My favourite sandwich is Ciabatta Baguette, basil, tomato vine, mozzarella, evoo, and balsamic vinegar!

First, I sliced half-ciabatta baguette, drizzled and brushed evoo on it, and broiled it in the toaster oven for 8 mins.  While broiling the ciabatta, I sliced 1/3 thickness of the tomato vine, put the sliced tomatoes on the foil, drizzled evoo and balsamic vinegar over.  Then I seasoned salt and fresh black peppers on tomatoes.  I took the baguette out and put the sliced tomatoes in the oven for 20 minutes.

Beautiful golden brown!  I cut 1/3 thickness of mozzarella and put it on the toasted baguette.  Then I put the
roasted tomatoes on mozzarella.  I placed some basil on them.

Yummy…I can taste the yummy balsamic vinegar and mozzarella juicy when I chomped it.