Two days ago, I guided my good friend who visited here from Rochester for the past weekend, around in downtown.  We were hungry while we walked on Queen Street.  We supposed to go to Manpuku restaurant but BQM Diner‘s phrase, “All Our Beef is Naturally Raised, No Hormones No Antibiotics” got my attention.  I asked my friend if she would like to try eating that burger.  She didn’t mind at all, because she was also curious to taste it!  We came in the restaurant and sat down.  We ordered “The Natural” burger because we wanted to taste the natural beef without additional flavours. We asked the waiter that we rather medium cook.  I also ordered onion rings to share with my friend.  Our orders arrived our table and we were so excited to eat it…

*Please excuse these pictures quality.

The medium cook beef was perfect and juicy when I bite it.  It was delicious burger I’ve ever eaten in my life.  However I there is another place, Craft Burger.  I heard that restaurant is really good too.  Mmm…..