…I supposed to re-make red bean cookies since I failed the tasty yesterday.  However I had a job interview this morning in downtown.  The interview went well….*crossing fingers* and wish me luck!  After the interview, I decided to visit my brother’s studio nearby for having lunch together.  I didn’t expect that my father was already there at his place when I arrived but the more the merrier! 🙂  I told them that I am in the mood to eat japanese food.  We went to my favourite place, Manpuku.  I ordered niku udon (udon topped with beef and onions)…

*please excuse this lousy pictures quality because I used my blackberry to take these pictures.

My brother ordered the takoyaki.

If you want to eat a delicious meal under $10 for lunch or dinner, then journey to the Manpuku!  It is worth eating…*lips smacking*.

I noticed a new flavour chewy candy, Cotton Candy at Manpuku and I bought it.  I munched and I can taste the crispy pieces of cotton candy inside….soo special sweetness!