Yesterday, my friends and I went to Oshawa Ribfest.

I was recommend to Gator BBQ from my friend because of its rich sauce…

My first set…the pork rib is soft, tender, and juicy, especially the sauce.  Guess what? I finished this first set in five minutes later…ha ha! :p

Alabama’s Camp 31

My second set and…

I pigged out!  The pork rack from Camp 31 is the best rib as of its thinness, juicy and crispy.  The meat is easily off from the bones…I love that.  The sauce is also good but I prefer Gator BBQ’s sauce (the first set).

My friend shared the swirled potato fries with me and other friends.  I really like this fluffy and thin fries.  The taste is light and crispy, unlike what I usually have the standard ones.

Our last dessert….ICING FUNNEL CAKE!  We were fulled from eating those wonderful meals!  I would love to attend the Ribfest next year again.

P.S. There is one thing I didn’t forget about yesterday as 9/11 remembered day.  My heart goes to all people who lost their loves.