I was encouraged to set up my own food blog from my family and good friend, Diana.  I thought about it for awhile and I decided to set it up.  Thanks to my family and Diana for their support.  Enjoy reading my first post!

My first homemade basil pesto…

I replaced pine nuts with pecan nuts.  Pecan nuts’ taste is almost the same as pine nuts.  I cut and put cubed zucchini in the pan, and added the pesto and cream cheese.  I poured 1% skim milk around three tablespoons and whisked it. I added my favourite, farfalle (bow tie) pasta and mixed it with the pesto sauce.

Here is my lunch..oh god, it was so delicious because it hooked me to pig out!  After the lunch, I decided to make the honey strawberry bread.  I adjusted the ingredients from my friend’s zucchini and apple bread…..

I was excited, baked it and counted the time (50 mins)…..tick tock…tick tock…  Time’s up, I opened the oven door and noticed there is wet inside in the middle.  I decided to cut in the middle vertically around 4 inches to let it to be cooking a little more and put it back in the oven for another 20 minutes.  I checked and inserted the toothpick the bread.  I took it out and let it rest for a few minutes.  I cut the sides of the loaf pan with the rubber paddle.  Then I up-sided down to get the bread out from the pan.  The bread suddenly were scattered down separately…

I was :(, nevertheless it tasted soooo good!  I contemplated the baking process to find what I did wrong….(still thinking).  I will re-experiment this bread next time.

After the dinner, my brother bought smoked oyster can and vegetable soda cracker package because he wanted to make delicious snacks for our family.  He…

spreaded the cream cheese on the vegetable soda cracker….

put the smoked oyster on the cream cheese….

and arranged the crackers on the wood tray.  I bite it….OH GOD!  The taste is so luscious and buttery silk like foei gras!