At the noon, I looked through the refrigerator to see what I have.  I grabbed the leftover pork, chinese vegetable (choi sum), two small garlic cloves, hoisin sauce, navel orange, and chili garlic sauce out from the fridge.  I also obtained the leftover rice from the rice cooker.  I minced the garlic cloves, sliced the pork, and cut 1/3 vegetable and 1/3 orange navel.

I sauteed the sliced pork and vegetable with the minced garlic and e.v.o.o.  Then I put the white rice in the pan and stirred those items together.  I added the hoisin sauce, spicy, and orange juice.  I pinched and scattered salt and fresh black pepper.  I continued to fold and stir.

This spicy fried rice is tasty and spicy..perfect for my lunch.